Gnome Libs 1.0.3 has been released

Hello shared library lovers,

   Gnome libs 1.0.3 is now available for download.

   The site is the same:

* Major features:

	* API documentation.

	  The major thing on this release is that we now include the
	  API documentation for libgnome and libgnomeui in HTML format
	  (the SGML sources are provided if you want to generate
	  printable material.  you will need Docbook to generate the
	  postscript though).

* Minor fixes:

	* gnome.mime updated.
	* GtkXmHTML should not produce run-time warnings.

	* GNOME Object IDL file.

	* Autoreload of MIME keys and MIME info if files are

	* Icon Item redraw fixes (this will make your selected icons
	  on the desktop nicely selected, without the gray bounds).

	* Gnome Canvas fixes for affine-transformed items (Federico).

	* Gnome Message Boxes are nicer, better padding (Owen).

	* Gnome Docking repaint improvements (no more flicker, Federico).
	* Zvt widget supports wheel mice (Richard Hult)

	* Gnome-Pty-Helper will die at the proper times now.


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