Gnumeric 0.17 is out

Hello guys,

   New version of Gnumeric "Engineering Manatee" 0.17 is out.  Please
let us know if you have any problems with the Engineering Manatee

* Availability:

* Changes and new features:

	* Financial functions (effect, sln, syd) from Vladimir Vuksan.

	* Engineering functions (power, gammaln, poisson, expondist,
	  sign, trunc) from Michael Meeks.

	* Statistical functions (stdev, stdevp, var, varp, gcd,
	  geomean,) from Michael Meeks.

	* Fixes to the clipboard code (should paste formulas to other
	  applications correctly and fix the inter-worbook pastes).

	* External function loading works for Excel files.

	* Cleaned up the Excel code (Michael)

	* Should compile in AIX again.

* Documentation

	* As usual, all of the Gnumeric functions are documented.


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