ANNOUNCE: gxTar 0.1.0 released

gxTar 0.1.0 has been released!

gxtar is also now in the Gnome CVS, so it can be more readily hacked upon.
Those with a bit more experience with the Gnome CVS modules are invited to
let me know if I screwed anything up in importing it, though I think I got
it mostly right.

Your favorite format can be found at one of the following:

Some changes in 0.1.0
*"adding" multiple files at a time now works.
*the helper applications (tar, gzip, etc) full paths can now be set
*Misc fixes
Check the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

gxTar is a Gnome/Gtk+ front-end to common archive utilities
under unix.  The goal is to make it the winzip of the unix world. 
Currently zip, gzip, tar, bzip2, and arj are supported. Current 
functionality includes the ability to open and create archives, and to
add, delete, extract, and view files.  Files can also be added to
archives or opened by draging & droping from any D&D supporting GTK+ app,
including gmc.

The current release has been tested on Linux (Intel) with Gnome 1.0.
Suggestions, bug reports, etc are always wanted at

The URLs:

The main web page is:
A screen shot is available:

The latest source and binary:

A mirror can be found at:

-chris (

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