GNOME File manager release 4.5.24 is out

Hello guys,

* Availability:

* New in this version:

	* Applications get launched with the proper SIGPIPE setting
	  (same batch of changes you will see in gnome-libs).

	* Stdin/stderr/stdout are now bound to /dev/null when
	  launching applications, this should fix the problem where
	  the X server would freeze, since the application would be
	  using stdin from the X server launch terminal.

	* Drops on clist should work again (Federico).

	* Should not crash on clicking "Ok" on the properties for
	  desktop icons.

	* Customization dialog has been internationalized (Sergey).

	* Editors with gnome-terminal should be launched properly.

	* Mounting user-NFS file systems should work (select
	  rescan-devices from the desktop menu).

	* Hopefully the SM problems should be fixed.  I need input on
	  this, please let me know if it is fixed for you.

	* Various fixes to the properties page from Owen.

	* File copy operations from panel->tree should not crash (this
	  was a particular and peculiar case).

	* Quotes < and > when talking to a shell.

	* Less verbose VFS for FTP site directory parsing (fixes
	  another reported bug).


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