Gnome libraries 1.0.2 has been released


Hello shared library lovers,

   Gnome libs 1.0.2 is now available for download.

   The site is the same:

What is new on this release:

* Improved gnome-bug script

* libgnome changes:

	- SIGPIPE reset to default value in gnome_exec, this does the
	  proper thing for various GNOME applications that start other

	  People have been reporting problems with gzip, this fixes

	- Raja improved the gnome_dirrelavtive_file routine.

* libgnomeui changes:

	- Documentation updates for the Canvas.  It should be fully 
	  API documented now (with the exceptions of the object
	  arguments, which needs to be done in a different framework)

	- IconList passes events for double and tripple clicks to
	  applications (George).

	- We now use mime-type routines for finding out image types
	  instead of the older method (George).

	- IconList should behave properly for people with

	- ColorPicker fixed for some corner conditions (Jaka).

* Zvt changes:

	- Shift-Insert will trigger a paste (for compatibility with

	- SIGPIPE will be set to SGI_DFL on the child after fork.

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