Gnumeric 0.16 is out

Hello guys,

   New version of Gnumeric is out:

* Availability:

* Changes and new features:

	* Cell ranges will work properly if they are not in their
	  natural order (fixes the bug reported about SUM (C1:A1) not
	  working and a whole range of similar problems).

	* CLEAN() function fixed.

	* New text exporting plugin from Takashi Matsuda.

	* We use gdk_fontset_load now to load fonts instead of
	  gdk_font_load, this should make the code work for various
	  international users (Takashi).

	* Entering data with XIM on the sheet should work now as well

	* Paste-by-value has been fixed by Takashi as well.

	* cell_set_format_from_style has been speeded up by Michael

	* Excel importer no longer has static buffers (removes various
	  problems reported by people) (Michael Meeks).

	* Excel importing code should be significantly faster and less
	  verbose now (Michael Meeks).


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