ANNOUNCE: gnorpm-0.7


I have just released gnorpm-0.7 (a graphical frontend to the redhat
package manager).  Here is a summary of the changes in this release:
gnorpm-0.7:  9-March-1999
	- Added a german translation, from Karsten Weiss.
	- Bug fix in the FTP code Rene Moeijes.
	- Added a context menu to the main window.
	- Made the main window react to adding and removing packages.
	  It wil add new groups to the tree and update the right hand
	  pane to reflect additions or removals.  The query windows
	  will also remove the tab for a package if you remove it with
	  its remove button.

You can get the new version at

If you need to go through a proxy for FTP, you should also get and apply
libghttp.patch from the same directory (if you applied it for gnorpm-0.6,
you don't have to worry about this).

James Henstridge.


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