GNOME Libs 1.0.15 is out.

Hello Gnome Library users!

* Note of warning

   We have tracked down the problem people had with upgrades of
   gnome-libs breaking their panel: People are compiling the
   gnome-libs rpm by using rpm -ta gnome-libs-1.0.xx.tar.gz.

   The spec file in the tarball has changed the location for the
   sysconfdir, which means that it will break by default for people
   who had compiled gnome-libs in the past.

   We suggest that you extract the spec file and do the required
   editing to the configure command line execution to suit the setup
   you have on your system.

   Basically, old versions just used ./configure --prefix=/usr, 
   new versions use --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

   Now, the good news is that we now support a GNOME_PATH variable,
   that can list all the possible prefixes where you installed GNOME
   and a GNORBA_XXXX that will enable you point exactly to the
   CORBA/servers directory.

* Where to get it

  Source code:

* New in this release

** Build process

	* Spec file updated (Karl)

	* gnome-hello dropped from distribution, use GnomeHello as an
	  example instead (Havoc)

** LibGnomeUI

	* GnomeSegv activated (Elliot, Havoc), this will provide a
	  dialog box telling people that the application just crashed
	  and point them to the gnome web site.

	* Gnome Dentry Editor i18n fixes (George)

	* Exports constructor routines for most widgets (me)

	* Memory leak fixes in the Canvas/AA (Federico)

	* --disable-crash-dialog option (Havoc)

	* Large const-ization of incoming parameters work from Hebert.

	* Lots of bug fixes from Elliot and Havoc as part of the

** LibGnome

	* --version handling is now taken care here.

	* Gnome-metadata is thread safe now (Tom Tromey)

	* Gnome-Dentry fixed for i18n (George)

	* Fixed bg 1968 (George)

	* Gnome-Mime key duplication fixed (Bertrand)

** gnome-config

	* Support GNOME_PATH variable.  It enables you to install
	  different GNOME packages in different locations in the
	  system and still get gnome-config to recognize your
	  libraries properly (me).

	  eg, I use: GNOME_PATH=/opt/gnome:/home/miguel/gnome-play

	* gnome-config now wraps the list of libraries, in an attempt
	  to fit in your screen (me, Raja).

* Documentation

	* LIbArt started to be documented (Raph)

	* gnome.1 man page updated, gnome-config.1 man page updated (me)

	* gnome-mime.5 man page included (me)

	* Gnome-dev-info files moved to their own directory (Karl)

	* Added Gnome-MDI signal docs (George)

	* GnomePixmap, GnomeScores, GnomeDock, GnomeProcBar:
	  Documented by George.

	* Touchups to GnomeDialog, GnomeClient, GnomeApp from George.

* LibGnorba:

	* Now GOAD uses the GNOME_PATH variable as a list of
	  directories that are the root of GNOME installations and the
	  GNOME_GNORBA_PATH for locating precisely CORBA servers (me).

	  For example:

	* Cookie support fixed (Elliot).


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