Re: Caveat: RPMS of Gnumeric 0.25 now available

> Also, Miguel pointed out that building things against bonobo at this point
> is probably dangerous.  So I rebuilt it without bonobo, and moved the
> original bonoo-based RPMs to gnumeric-bonobo-0.25.  If you got the first
> one, reget it so you don't have to worry about bonobo.

Explanation for this:

  Bonobo is currently a work-in-progress project, so I am changing the 
API with rapidity, and I do not want people to conclude that Gnumeric
has problems due to the dependency on Bonobo.

  On the bright side, I got Bonobo's graphics wizard last night to
launch Guppi and embed Guppi's plot into the spreadsheet and the
wizard.  I will make a Bonobo release as soon as it is a bit better
for public consumption.

  Thanks a lot for providing rpms of gnumeric so fast :-)

Best wishes,

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