ANNOUNCE: new gnome-python and pygtk


I have made new releases of gnome-python (1.0.2) and pygtk (0.6.0).  These
allow you to write gnome and gtk applications in python respectively.  If
you grab gnome-python, it includes pygtk, so you don't need to grab both.

As for what has changed in this release, here is a short list:
  - Python threading now works with the gtk main loop.  If you have thread
    support in python, pygtk (and gnome-python) will be compiled with
    thread support, allowing other python threads to execute while the
    GTK main loop is running.  Note that you need to call threads_enter()
    before and threads_leave() after any calls to pygtk routines outside
    of the gtk thread (ie. when not in a callback).  Thanks go to Duncan
    Grisby for this feature.
  - You can now write panel applets and control center capplets in python.
    (this code is only compiled if you have gnome-core or control-center
    installed).  There are two example panel applets included in the
    distribution.  One is a clone of the clock applet (without the
    preferences dialog though), and the other allows you to access
    netscape bookmarks from its context menu (displaying them in a browser
    when you select them).
  - Various other bug fixes and a few other minor new features.

You can get gnome-python-1.0.2 at
You will soon be able to get pygtk-0.6.0 at

They are both also available at

James Henstridge.


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