Miguel goes to Europe. Part II

Hello guys,

   I will be going to Denmark, Switzerland and London starting on the
April 29th.  I would like to meet as many free software entusiasts
during my trip. 

   I will be going to the OpenNetworks'99 show in Copenhagen in
Denmark (http://www.on99.dk) and doing a couple of talks on GNOME.  I
will be arriving to Copenhagen on April 29.  I will stay there until
sunday or monday and from there I go to Odessa (or Odense?, I forget
the spelling), then come back to Copenhagen and take something to get
to the CERN.  At CERN I will be doing a talk as well (talk to
Jes.Sorensen@cern.ch for details)

   I will be in London by the 10th or 11th for the NetProject
conference (http://www.netproject.com) and get back to Mexico on the

   So if you are a free software enthusiast and you would like to join
my friends and me, it would be great to meet you there.  I know Martin
(the gdm author), Torben (mc contributor), Jes (Linux/m68k hacker)
will be in Denmark.  Jes and Phillipe (Linux hackers, free software
entusiasts) will be at CERN; And finally Alan will be in London.

Happy hacking,

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