Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.

 > A couple of other points about what an ideal mail system would do:

If I might also make a suggestion, the single feature that I miss the
most from Linux mail clients (and Windows, for that matter) is the
ability to have different identites, so one can send and receive mail
using two (or more) e-mail addresses, signatures, etc.  		Pine 4.10 has
"roles," but these only take effect when you are replying to or
forwarding messages, not composing.  Netscape 4.5 will let you sign up
for multiple IMAP accounts, but your "identity" remains constant.
	All this means it is very difficult to keep my work and personal e-mail
separate, and still read them on the same machine without resorting to
different usernames, etc.  What do you all think?


Matthew R. Briggs
mbriggs at switchboard dot net

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