Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.

On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, Tevesz Tamas wrote:

>  > A couple of other points about what an ideal mail system would do:
> and one more thing i'd like to see: user should be able to fully (and i
> mean it) utilize every function of the client using only the keyboard.
> while this might seem a bit old-fashioned, i'm sure i'm not the only one
> who has to read (or at least browse through) a pile of messages, and i find
> the keyboard to be much more adequate for this task, than the mouse.

Yes, definitely!!  Something I've found to be a very common flaw with
graphical programs under linux is that they fail to provide keyboard
shortcuts.  At least in the bad old days under Windoze, I could use most
programs equally well with mouse or keyboard, which meant I'd use
whichever would be faster depending whether my hands happened to be on the
mouse or the keyboard at the time.  It seems like under linux,
commandline & curses applications only let me use the keyboard, and GUI
applications only let me use the mouse.

I currently use pine for all my email, and would like to see a modern
graphical client that also lets me use it as easily from the keyboard as
pine does.  Also, the mail sorting method that Gettys mentioned in his
message sounds really great.  The use from the web that he mentioned is
more questionable... why not just write an X server in java? ;)  A good
approach though would be to make all the mail storage and other back-end
stuff be handled by a library, and then the library could be used by both
a GNOME client and a web based client, with 100% interoperability.

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Nice sig. ;)


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