Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.


"Matthew R. Briggs" wrote:

>  > A couple of other points about what an ideal mail system would do:
> If I might also make a suggestion, the single feature that I miss the
> most from Linux mail clients (and Windows, for that matter) is the
> ability to have different identites, so one can send and receive mail
> using two (or more) e-mail addresses, signatures, etc.                  Pine 4.10 has
> "roles," but these only take effect when you are replying to or
> forwarding messages, not composing.  Netscape 4.5 will let you sign up
> for multiple IMAP accounts, but your "identity" remains constant.
>         All this means it is very difficult to keep my work and personal e-mail
> separate, and still read them on the same machine without resorting to
> different usernames, etc.  What do you all think?

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