Gnumeric 0.23 is out

Hello guys!

   A new version of Gnumeric has been released, version 0.23.  Trained
eyes will notice that I have skipped version 0.22.  Well, I did not.
I just did not announce it because I had promised not to make a new
release (which I ended up doing) because it included a pile of cool

   So, here is the new stuff since 0.21, major features:

	* Michael Meeks added multiple-clause sort to the sort dialog.

	* GNUMERIC_NORMDIST() function now uses a more efficient
	  method of computation (Morten Wellinder).

	* Should load properly workbooks with references to other
	* Starts up with a bigger size (Michael).

	* Michael has begun a function wizard, it is disabled in this
	  version by default.

	* RAND() function. 

	* Fixes for some cases of circular references (the other cases
	  were fine), by Morten.
	* IF() now can take variable arguments (Michael).

	* Updated documentation

	* Many small fixes.

Getting Gnumeric 0.23:


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