GTransferManager 0.3.0 is out!

Hi fellows!

Hi have just released version 0.3.0 of GTransferManager. This new version
is almost a new program because of the new features.

* Availability:

You can also find rpm's and other stuff on the program page

* Things changed from last version 0.2.1:

    - Changed a little bit the help files but they are still not very 

    - Added new popup menu to the list of downloaded files.

    - More buttons on the toolbar. If it is too ugly or useful please
      tell me.

    - Added a new properties dialog box to configure the files being 
      downloaded. This way it's possible to change options after using
      the dialog box new.

    - Added buttons and menus to give the user the chance to restart the

    - Added new option to disable proxy when the user adds a new URL
      to download.

    - Added the Italian translation of the program (thanks to Gianluca 
      Montecchi <>).

    - Added a new panel applet to the package that interfaces with the 
      application using CORBA. This applet can be a good point to start 
      for other developers that want to use GTM to handle transfers 
      (for now only downloads but I think I can implement more). The 
      applet is capable of launching GTM, ask to open a new download URL 
      on GTM and accept links (using drag and drop) from netscape and 
      give them to GTM.

    - Changed the method to make sure that only one GTM was running 
      using CORBA server instead of the pid. 

    - Added CORBA support but I don't know if I have implemented 
      correctly because I don't know well the technology. But it's 

I hope you like my program.

                                               Bruno Pires Marinho

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