Gnome Libs 1.0.6 has been released


   A new freshly squeezed version of the GNOME base libraries has been
just released:

   Please note that you need ORBit 0.4.3 for this release, given that
Elliot Lee has fixed the long standing problems we had with duplicated
code in the generated code created by the ORBit IDL compiler.

* New in this release:

	* Gnome Config:

	    James Henstridge added a new improvement for your sysadmin

	    Now you can configure system globals by putting the
	    default values for a configuration file in the directory:

	    You can force a specific value for any configuration
	    setting in the directory:


	    This will allow system administrators to set system-wide
	    pre-defined defaults for the system

	* Dentry loader

	    Owen Taylor added support for the desktop-entry loader to
	    load KDE .kdelnk and launch KDE .kdelnk files.
	    This will be used extensively by the next gnome-core
	    release (scheduled for tomorrow, so you have plenty of time to 
	    compile this version :-).

	* Documentation

	    Our scheduled updates to the API documentation.  

	* ORBit changes

	    You need to use version 0.4.3.  Elliot Lee fixed our

	* Zvt terminal emulator

	    Michael Zucchi upgraded the terminal emulator:

	    Should be fully xterm compliant.  People have complained
	    about problems on the emulation (these were produced
	    because the "xterm" definition was recently upgraded by
	    the XFree people to reflect the new features in xterm, and
	    we were not implementing them all).

	    Glibc 2.1.xx support.

	* Bug fixes

	    A long list of bugs have been fixed by: Owen Taylor,
	    Asbjorn Pettersen, James Henstridge, Nuno Ferreira, George
	    Lebl, Timur Bakeyev, Michael Zucchi, Federico
	    Mena and Matthijs Melchior

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