ANNOUNCE: Control-Center-1.0.5

Hi All,

GNOME Control-Center 1.0.5 has been released.  This is mostly a bug fix
release, but there is at least one very cool new feature in the

New in this release:
* Screensaver Properties: 

  - Allow color selection in Maze (and other screensavers later).
    Thanks to Adrean Hosey <> for that.

  - Try-exec for screenhacks.

  - new hack .desktop files to match xscreensave-3.08 release.

  - Bug fixes by Nuno Ferreira

* Theme Switcher:

  - Added Font selector for themes.

  - Many Many bug fixes.  Now Try/Revert works much more sanely.

* Background Selector:

  - Added a preview to the file selection.

* Window Manager Properties:

  - Bug fixes by Martin Baulig <>

* Gnome Edit Properties:

  - Bug fixes by Jaka Mocnik <>

You can get it at:  

-Jonathan  <>

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