Updated GNOME FAQ: v1.0.5a

Thousands of tiny gnomes, working through the night, day in, day out for
weeks have finally finished their labor (well, actually it was Todd and I,
with help from a few other people; thanks all! :-).  We are proud to
announce the updated GNOME FAQ.

Key changes since the last release:
  * Now in DocBook format
  * Now maintained in CVS (gnome-libs/devel-docs/gnome-faq.sgml)
  * More questions!
  * More answers
  * Updated answers
  * Fewer coffee stains

The version is available on the GNOME website at
Bookmark it, read it, it should be useful.

The FAQ isn't perfect, please send comments, questions, complaints and
suggestions to gnomefaq@gnu.org, and it will get forwarded to the proper
authorities (well, me).

Here are some known problems with the FAQ:

  * It's ugly (I'll be fiddling with a custom DSSSL frontend to Norman
    Walsh's stylesheets to try to get something better-looking soon)

  * The table of contents has no real page numbers in PostScript (Can
    anyone who knows DocBook better than me tell me what I'm doing wrong?)

  * It needs more questions & answers (We add them as we think of them,
    and we are certainly open to suggestions)

For those of you with CVS access (other than Todd, Miguel and I), please
try to refrain from making changes directly to the CVS version unless
there is some critical problem that can't wait to be fixed.  It's alot
easier to keep track of what's going into the FAQ if the changes are sent
through the gnomefaq@gnu.org address.  By all means, send patches through
there if you want to.


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