[ANNOUNCE]: LibGTop 0.26.2 and GTop 0.28.1 released

After a week of absence and many bug reports regarding LibGTop I just
made a new release of LibGTop. It should fix all bugs reported during
this week and also work with GNOME 0.30.

You can fetch the sources either from CVS (tag: LIBGTOP_0_26_2) or
from my site:


There is a tarball and source and binary RPMS of LibGTop in the
/pub/libgtop/0.26.2/ directory.

I also made new binary RPMS of gnome-core and gnome-utils which are
linked against this version of LibGTop. They can be found in the
/pub/gnome directory at my site (there are only the binary RPMS,
please fetch the tarballs and SRPMS from the GNOME ftp site or any
of its mirror sites).

GTop is currently a little bit unstable in CVS - there weren't much
changes on the main trunk and the GTOP_MDI_BRANCH is not yet ready,
so I only made a snapshot release representing the CVS of 09/18/98
(tag: GTOP_0_28_1) which can be found in the /pub/gtop/0.28.1/ directory.

Note that this is only a snapshot, if you want a really stable version
of GTop, use LibGTop 0.25 and GTop 0.25.

I'm planning to make a new stable release (0.30) of GTop in about two
weeks - this is also the reason why I choosed 0.26.2 as version number
for LibGTop and not 0.30.


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier
   martin@home-of-linux.org, http://www.home-of-linux.org/

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