gnome 0.13 is out.

To help people get started with GNOME, we are making a *development
snapshot* of the GNOME source code.  It is important to remind that
this is a development snapshot.  I am doing this just to get people in
sync with what is going on with the gnome hackers.  Most developers
are now using the Gnome CVS for their day to day work, so we have been
quiet about what is actually going on.

Since the last snapshot release (0.12), many things have changed, like
much stuff.  The gnome distribution has been split into various
modules.  You can now save some trees by downloading only those gnome
tar files that you actually want to look at.

We have tried to make the life of the GNOME compiler as easy as
possible, so we have removed the dependency as much as we could on the
Scheme/Guile interpreters.  If you have those, that would be a plus,
if you do not, things will still compile anyways for you.  

While doing all this, we got so happy that well, could not resist
throwing a dependency in, so to get Gnome to compile you need to have
Rasterman's gdk_imlib package installed (details on obtaining this are
available in and the library -ready to ftp- is on

Here is a listing of the current GNOME modules that are being

	This is the foundation of every other gnome module.

	Requires: Gtk 0.99.5 (latest), Raster's imlib and libxpm.  The
	more graphics libs you have, the better (for compiling
	Gtk/XmHTML with as many drivers as possible).

	What we call the core module, aint we creative?

	Requires: gnome-core and mico (only if you are interested in
	the panel, which in this release is not as full features as
	the previous version, as the hackers are busy revamping the
	code).  MICO is available in rpm and tar format from (and from the original site as well). 

	It inludes the session manager, the panel, the new and
	all-unsinkable help browser from Red Hat Labs and the desktop
	properties programs.

	Famous for including just one program: Rasterman's electric
	eyes image viewer.  This version features drag and drop (you
	still need something that would act as a drag source, and the
	file manager is not included in this release)

   	The game collection is here.  Jonathan's multi-solitaire game
	uses Scheme, so you probably want to have Guile installed to
	play that one.

	More enhancements to Radek Doulik's gtop program and
	Eckehards's gtt - tres cool. 

	Includes Gregory's and 	Jochen's SNMP monitoring tool, and the
	updated gulp program.

	The GnomoVision TV set from Alan Cox is now included.  You
	need a pretty recent version of your Linux kernel to get this one to

Non-tarified components:
These are components that are not being released in tar format, you
need to use the AnonCVS to get to them (or download those from Jim
Pick's daily snapshots at

	This is not being released this time, as I was not able to
	test it.  It fails miserably to run for me on guile-1.2.
	Probably I am supposed to be using some snapshot version of
	guile, so I am not releasing this one until I figure out
	exactly what is going on. 

	Gnome/Talk is going to be dropped in favor of GNU/talk;
	Scheme support is broken and gnome-ppp is far from finished,
	so this was not released.

the file manager (
	yes, it is coming along nicely, but no, I did not have time to
	test it nor am I packaging it for general use -yet-. You can
	still use it if you pull it from the anoncvs repository (CVS
	module name: "mc", see instructions on for

(I just found that there are a couple of glitches on the compile with
Obj-C, just ignore those programs that use Obj-C if they fail to

As usual, we like good bug reports, but we will like you more if you
send us nice patches in diff -u format.

We are 2 hours, 15 minutes ahead of schedule at getting rid of
Microsoft windows, keep up the good work!

(oh, and yes, I would love Netscape to be dual licensed and have one
of the licenses be the GPL).


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