General announcements.

These are a couple of tid-bits that I thought people working on gnome
would be interested in.

1)  The current April issue of Linux Journal has an article on CORBA
that discusses the general principles.  There is supposed to be a
follow-up article in the next issue that talks more about writing

2)  For any Gnomers that live in the Birmingham, AL area, the IEEE
Computer Society here is having a meeting Thur. night.  The topic is
CORBA.  If anyone is interested and would like more info they can
email.  You don't have to be an IEEE Computer Society member.

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled programming.


Jason Gilbert | |

"The total job will be in the software, and we'll be able to write big
fat programs. We can let them run somewhat inefficiently because there
will be so much horsepower that just sits there. The real focus won't
be who can cram it down in, or who can do it in machine language. It
will be on who can define the right user interface and properly
integrate the main packages." -- Bill Gates, PC Magazine 1982

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