Re: Welcome to GNOME Ambassadors!

El mar, 19-10-2010 a las 12:53 -0600, Stormy Peters escribió:

> We've put together some resources for you[1] like business cards,
> presentation templates, brochures, travel funds, etc. What I'd really
> like to hear from all of you is what would be most useful? What can
> the GNOME Foundation do to make you successful?

Some stuff from the top of my head:
- make the GNOMETemplate odt into a proper OpenOffice template

- create a FAQ based on common questions we get in presentations or when
introducing GNOME to general public

- create a "situation guide" or "speaker tips" to handle some possible
situations or problems elegantly

I'll see if I can convince my roommate at EncuentroLinux to do the OO
template this weekend.

I'll ponder about how we could write down that "situation guide".

PS: hi everyone!

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