Is there an ATK dev who can answer noob questions?

There is a small effort of part-time a11y contributers within Google and Opera who would like to hook up Chromium to ATK so it can work with Orca.  Between us, I think we have no experience with ATK.  Is there anyone who would be available to answer our noob questions?

Here's my first one: This function has this line:

atk_class->get_root = atk_util_auralinux_get_root;

However, atk_util_auralinux_get_root is never called, while some other atk_class functions, like get_toolkit_name, are called.  At the moment, in Debian Stretch running Cinnamon, I see the application "chrome" registered, but it has no children.  IIUC, the chromium code used to present more than this.  Is atk_get_root supposed to be called to get access to the accessible objects within the application?  Any help figuring out what we mucked up would be appreciated.  Just as an added incentive, if you help now, I'll punish you with lots more noob questions in the future :)


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