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On 31/10/15 16:28, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
 I'm trying to enhance my speech recognition bridge (Windows speech
recognition bridged to Linux)  by adding some contextual awareness. I
have 2 needs, 1st is to know what application is running, 2nd is to
know if focus is on a text area (someplace you dictate plaintext in
addition to commands)[1]

 are there any examples or samples of the code I can use to accomplish
my goals?

Some time ago I have been gathering the tests I had on my machine on
this (informal) repository:

So, a example of how to list the running applications registered to
at-spi2 using pyatspi2:

There aren't any specific example for your second request. You could
take a look to the other examples on that repository, an pyatspi2, to
see if you can infer that. If you need more ellaborated code, you could
take a look to accerciser and orca code.


--- eric

[1]  The reason for the 2nd need is obvious only if you've lived with
speech recognition for a while.  if you are not focused on a text
box/region, you only want command grammars active otherwise
inadvertent plaintext dictation can trigger all sorts of single
character commands. I cannot tell you the number of email messages I
have lost as a result of inadvertent plaintext dictation when in

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