Re: Describing an application state in ATK, without Gtk

On 2015-06-22 at 14:48, Alejandro Piñeiro wrote:

So it would be something like a notification with the state of the

More or less.  But a notification in the sense of libnotify is
transient; what I'm working on is the state of an application, which may
change over time (controlled by keyboard events, already handled in a
non-toolkit application) ; the whole state is currently a single text
label.  I'm not sure if I have to worry about focus, as only one element
is present.  The graphical interface is even fullscreen, so there's
absolutely nothing else to be presented.

I will try to explain it with the usual client-side terminology (as you
mention below that it was how it was previously explained to
you). [...]

Thanks; this matches what I read.  Indeed my code has to work as a server.

(focusable, providing
info) ui element on your app, you should ensure that has a proper name,
role (ie: ATK_ROLE_BUTTON) and state set (ie:

I'll keep that into account.

[...] but right now can
just call the bridge initialization. The method is
atk_bridge_adaptor_init [1].

I had seen no code doing it.  Thanks.  That might be the solution of all
my problems.

I hope that my explanation of what "client" and "server" could clarify
your doubts.

Your answer seems very useful, but I don't see any misconception I had
with respect to servers and clients.  Have I missed something?  I really
would like to understand this better.

As far as I understand your problem, and as others say,
linking directly to libatspi would not solve your issue. libatspi is
intended to be used to write accessibility tools, like Orca.

Therefore for clients.

AT-SPI clients seem very easy to write; I've played with the C programs
in , which work well and
are very short.  But ATK servers are involved.

In addition to the small tests at atk, you can find some tests at
at-spi2-atk/tests. They are still unit tests, but they set all the
stack. Take a look to see if it is what you need.

Will do.  Thanks again.

Luca Saiu
HYPRA -- Progressons ensemble :

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