Announcing the stop of accessibility weekly meetings by default

Hi everybody,

Short explanation:

on last weekly meeting [1] we have been talking about the weekly
meetings (meta-weekly meeting chat), and we agreed that it would be
better to stop to have a weekly meeting by default, moving the
coordination and general discussion to the mailing list. We could keep
handling meetings, but those would be summoned by demand if needed.

Full explanation:

as most of you already know, the GNOME accessibility team has a weekly
team every week, except some some cancellations now and then. I'm not
sure how long they have been around, but when I started to collaborate
with the accessibility team around 2009/2010, they were already around.
So at least, we are talking about 5 years of a meeting per week.

The main purpose of the meetings was helping to coordinate the team on a
weekly basis. But during the recent years, there was little to
coordinate as most people worked on a what-is-needed-now basis, so at
this moment the weekly meetings were more a update meeting, in order to
know what people is doing at the moment. Somehow that means that the
weekly meetings are less relevant that in previous years. It would be
better to use that time on real coding that on meetings.

Additionally we need to take into account that the accessibility team is
formed by people from several timezones, making finding the time that
works well with everybody complicated. It was also noted that on the
recent months, people were more busy with other meetings and other day
job responsibilities. Somehow, weekly meetings started to become a burden.

With that personal feeling, I approached the rest of the people during
last weekly meeting [1]. And it seems that most people agreed with I was
saying (and probably due other reasons I forgot to list here). As
mentioned on the list, we decided that it would be better a
"asynchronous" coordination instead of a "synchronous" coordination. So
everything related to the team day-by-day coordination would be moved to
the mailing list, and any meeting would be summoned on demand. Of course
IRC would be still there for pings between developers.

Best regards


Alejandro Piñeiro (apinheiro igalia com)

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