Re: Queries regarding e-book readers for Visually Impaired

Hi Leena,

For reading epub books I use a Firefox extension -

Works very well with Orca as well as Windows screen readers.

On 05/11/2014 09:48, Leena Chourey wrote:
Dear all,

While exploring about the e-book reading facility for Visually Impaired, I found that various formats like epub, pdf are availble. Various readers like FBReader, Coolreader, Caliber people use. Please help to find answer for my queries about
  • What are the tools available to read e-books?
  • Is it require to have specific readers to read e-books?
  • Widely used e-book readers working on Linux & Android platform and with screen reader like Orca
  • Accessibility issues (if any) with e-book reader
  • Navigation related issues with e-book reader

With regards


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