Re: just a test

Hello, Gary.

I am subscribed to this list, and I received your message. It looks like you're still a member. :)

There have been a steady flow of messages coming to this list over the past few weeks, though. I have only been a member of this list a month or so now, though.

Take care.
On 01/05/2012 06:30 PM, Gary Kline wrote:
i =think=, but am not sure, that i am sub'd to this list.  after
spending several years with the Athena toolkit and writing around
ten thousands lines of C ->  C++, i dropped the project.  this began
in 1996 when i spent around 9 months with Xlib, the years wsith Xaw.

for some three weeks i have written the first GUI code since 2002
...*with* the help of several others who are far more experienced
than i am in the gtk world.

i have seen no maili from this list; it seems that the folks wsho
run/maintain this list    are changing mailers, so before going any
further, i want tto see if i actually am a member of this list!

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