Re: Montreal Summit

Hi Meg,

Do they all support sending icons? I assume that all of the chat programs
do, but you would need to ask the Telepathy developers.  I know enough about
A.T. to be able to explain what this type of feature does from a user-end
perspective, but I am not a programmer. Guillame Desmottes said that you
would need to write an API to support this type of program. Again, you can
speak to him about it. He said that some chat programs support, for example,
sending user-made icons such as these   . He said
that you would need to write this type of A.P.I. for Telepathy in order to
support the feature you are proposing. However, it would be best if you
would discuss this with him if you want more details.

OK. I'll do.

Something else that you may like to look at is the

They had an alpha release but it looks like development stopped at
that point. You may find that there are members of the OLPC/Sugar
community who are interested in the type of project you are

Very interesting. The need for a Augmentative Alternative Communication
(AAC) software is also crucial for people with communication disorders and
an excellent complement for the project described above (i.e. ACC software
would work as the "keyboard"). We have been already discussing this topic
with members of GNOME a11y (in CC). Perhaps there is a chance to join

Yes, this is specifically why I offered to help. I have been working on
accessibility icons, and it looks like there is no free library  for this
type of use. These programs are very, very expensive, so I assume that it
would be worth someone's effort to develop open source versions. Some of
them, such as Dynavox, have IM capabilities as well.

I agree with you that some AAC software (such as The Grid 2 or Boardmaker) are really expensive and the provided icon library is not free.

But, the good news is that does exist a free (CC BY-NC-SA) pictogram library :-)

and even there are some free AAC software applications:

- SAW 5
(GNU/GPL v2, for Windows)

- Plaphoons
Open Source, it is claimed to run on Linux using WINE.



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