Re: Mallard topic-based version of Accerciser documentation

El 02/06/11 14:13, Aline Bessa escribió:
Hi everybody!

I'm writing a Mallard topic-based version of Accerciser documentation,
based on some notes Joanie, Shaun and Brian did. Sometimes I'll need
help to figure some points out and I'd also like to hear opinions,
advices and critics from you. It's the first time I'm actually writing a
formal documentation and I may be being inadequate in certain parts of
the text.

What would be the best place to leave this work-in-progress
documentation, so everybody can have access to it anytime?


Hi Aline,

Nice to hear that somebody is making progress in documentation :-)

If you have a gnome git account I think that the best place should be into accerciser project help directory or maybre create a new development branch.

If not, you can use some code hosting like or

Alejandro Leiva

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