Re: GNOME High Contrast Icon Theme

Hi Meg,

meg ford wrote (14-Jul-2011):

I have one last question about High Contrast.

Jakub Steiner and Lapo Calamandrei have suggested that icons from the Symbolic Icon theme be used in High Contrast (see Figures 8 and 9,HERE <> ). Symbolic icons are drawn in a simple, clear style, and are recolored by a theme engine so that they automatically match the text color on the graphical user interface. Because the text color already contrasts with the background color in the GUI, these icons are not outlined (note the contrasting outlines in Figures 10 and 11, HERE <>).

The question I have is this: is the contrasting color enough for the low-vision user, or do we need to maintain the outlines in the High Contrast theme?

Joseph, I hope it is not abusing your good will to ask if you could run this by your vision OT? Please let me know if this is an issue for you,and thanks so much for your previous response.

Here is her reply:

Figure 8 looks great. The black image on a white background stands out.
The other figures don't stand out in the high contrast theme. I would remove the outline, black box around it, so the image stands out more.

meg ford also wrote (19-Jul-2011):

Bryen asked me to send examples of how the Symbolic and High Contrast Icons will look in GNOME 3. Here are some screenshots from Fedora 15: The first two are of High Contrast and High Contrast Inverse as they are now (see HERE <> and HERE <>). I edited the second two so that they show Symbolic Icons and new High Contrast Icons (seeHERE <> and HERE <> ). Please note that I am still working on some (such as the scanner icon) and so they have not been included. Please let me know if there are any issues with viewing these examples.

Our OT suggests:

Hi Joseph, all the icons look great, with the exception of the 'Software Update' icon. The overlapping images make it hard to determine what the image represents. When magnified, this image would be difficult to identify.

Finally, I have question about the high contrast theme: Where are the specs documented? Or, if there are no specs, is there an online resource (e.g., wiki) where the work is being tracked?



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