Vinux Survey

I have set up a survey to collect feedback from people who use or have tried Vinux. I created using LimeSurvey and it seems to be very accessible with Orca. There are thirty questions in total and all of these are mandatory apart from the last question which allows you to provide any additional feedback not covered in the previous 29 questions. I would also like feedback on the survey design as this is the first time I have installed LimeSurvey on my server and I am still learning the ropes as it were. You can only submit your answers once, allthough you can choose to save what you have done and finish it later on, and you can cancel the survey at any time. I have thrown a few curve-balls in there to keep you on your toes. The submissions are completely anonymous and the results will be publically published. I have set it up so that anyone can respond with no registration necessary, however if we get a lot of spam and or abusive entries I will change this setting. Have fun. You can find the survey here:


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