Vinux 3.2.1

Vinux 3.2.1 is now available for download in 32/64bit in CD/DVD versions. The main difference between this and the recently released Vinux 3.2 is that by default it boots with Pulseaudio running in 'user' mode rather than 'system' mode. This prevents pulseaudio from crashing at boot on a small number of sound cards, but it means that speakup is not available from the live CD or immediately after installation. However there are now two simple commands for switching Pulseaudio from user to system mode in conjunction with a reboot of the machine. This version also includes an accessible zenity front end for Unetbootin which allows users to install Vinux to a USB pendrive with persistent storage. Users who have already installed Vinux 3.2 can upgrade to this version quite easily without having to reinstall.

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