Re: No more bugs should be filed under atk/gail

From: Bill Cox <waywardgeek gmail com>

> Actually, I do have a bug report with a patch for GTK+ accessibility here:

Patch that as I said on comment 5 [1], affects two different
components, so it should be splitted in two. Take into account that
one affects gdk-pixbuf and the other gail, and both components are
maintained by different persons, so having them in different patches
would make their live easier (and btw, now gdk-pixbuf lives in a
different repository).

> It is mostly an extension to pixbuf to add a description property, but
> also a minor patch to gail to read them in pixbuf cell renderer.  With
> this patch, I was able to make Synaptic accessible, as well as several
> other applications with minimal effort.  However, I can't submit these
> changes upstream if GTK+ wont support pixbuf descriptions.
> This is simply the first of what I hope will be several accessibility
> upgrades in GTK+ which I hope the developer Vinux team can help write
> and test.  But so far, I haven't been able to attract interest from
> anyone with the authority to commit patches in the GTK+ team.  My
> current impression is that it is useless to try and improve GTK+
> accessibility, because there is no champion on the GTK+ team willing
> to work with us.

For your information gtk+ has right now 3043 bugs, and gdk-pixbuf 138
(and the maintainer of gdk-pixbuf is also gtk+ maintainer), and right
now they are on the gtk+3 revamp, and stabilization towards GNOME 3.0,
so the conclusion that they don't review all the accessibility patches
because they don't care at all is wrong (IMHO). Ie, I already saw how
Matthias Clasen reviewed some gtk a11y-related patches.

So, please, split the patch, and be patient. Lets hope any of the gtk
reviewers could review that patch now.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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