GNOME 3 status page *must* be updated ASAP.

Hey all.

In the span of less than 24 hours, I have been pinged twice and Piñeiro at least once regarding our current status with respect to GNOME 3. And it wasn't just any ol' folks pinging us, it was members of the Release Team.

Normally, we could point to our team's GNOME 3 status/risk page. [1] But it turns out we've not been very good about keeping it updated. :-( (Myself included.) In fact, we were asked about its lack of updatedness by the RT as well.

They'd like us to respond by emailing them on their list about our current status. Piñeiro has volunteered do so (thanks!), but he needs more up-to-date information from all of us first. I've updated Orca, WebKitGtk, and Yelp. I know everyone is crazy-busy these days, but if you all could take some time today or tomorrow to update your section(s), it would be super.

Thanks in advance!


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