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Since you have gnome under this set of circumstances the network either on your end or over in England has gone down. You might see if pump is available and run it to bring your network connection back on line and if you still get that error, try going to a different web site. No joy there, the problem is almost certainly on your end. If you do connect, then England has the network problem.On Sat, 15 Jan 2011, RiverWind wrote:

Greetings and Salutations

Whilst trying to access my browser iceweasel, I got the following
error message. Mind you, I am running the Debian system with gnome
as the graphical segment of my Linux system. The key binding for
Iceweasel is ctrl-shft-i. I am supposed to then be able to hit alt-
d and then enter what ever web-address I need. I got the following
error message upon using ctrl-shft-i:

"address not found. Iceweasel can't find the server at

The info on the screen went on to enquire as to whether or not I
was sure that I had typed in the correct address without any typos,
and it then cited a few other possibilities.

I would feel most kindly disposed toward anyone who can tell me how
to get my browser back, because I really want and miss it.

Most Cordially Indeed,

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