Re: orca and Gnome 3

From: Jonathan Nadeau <jonathan frostbitesystems com>

> I was wondering about the accessibility of Orca and Gnome 3? I have
> tried Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome-shell and from what I could tell orca
> stopped working. Is their some key strokes that I might be missing?
> Will Orca be accessible with Gnome 3 when it comes out? Thanks for
> your time and help.

As you centered your GNOME 3 review on GNOME Shell, it is worth to
comment that as GNOME Shell is based on a modern toolkit, Clutter, and
not the "classic" gtk, there are some things that prevents him working
with Orca.

There are some bugs tracking the main issues [1][2][3], and they have
patches attached. You are free to test them and provide some feedback
(I know that this is a user list, and it is too much to ask that, but
just in case).

A more deep review of the current status of GNOME Shell accessibility
here [4]. It was written 2 months ago, but since, the only change is
that I updated my bugs.

If you want a status of the issues related with GNOME 3 as a whole,
take a look to this page [5].

Thanks for your interest.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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