Re: modified webcam software for visually impaired

On Sat, 2011-01-01 at 22:56 +0100, Helios wrote:
> Hi,
> we are just testing a standard webcam to be used as a digital
> magnifier for visually impaired users. Such gadget could be very
> useful, as many low vision users need such device, but those
> commercially available are Windows only and mostly very expensive.
> We tested common Genius webcam with manual focus feature using Cheese,
> however, there are no features needed for this kind of users (supplied
> by my visually impaired sister):
> - inverse color mode
> - color profiles (eg. yellow text on blue background - simple runs in
> BW mode only and replaces black with yellow and white with blue)
> - guiding lines (can provide some screenshots)
> - and some others
> WxCam, which looked very promising, is not possible to install on my
> sisters laptop (Sysinfo output attached) running Vinux 2.0. Are there
> any plans for such features? Maybe, they could be just added to Cheese
> or WxCam. In my opinion, this could help a lot of users as the price
> of the webcams is much lower and no additional payment for commercial
> software would be needed.

Daniel Siegel (the Cheese maintainer) wrote a tutorial for the new
developer demos on how to write a simple webcam viewer application.
You can see a draft build of the tutorial here:

The basic functionality isn't that hard. Somebody could build off
that tutorial, add some filters for the things you describe, and
add a bit of polish.

I watched Daniel crank out new Cheese filters in a matter of minutes.
I've CC'd him on this email.

Daniel, how hard do you think it would be for somebody to write an
application like this, with the filters described?


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