Re: Re: modified webcam software for visually impaired

Hi Jude,
thanks for a reply. However, I do not have problems with using the
Genius webcam through Cheese as a normal webcam, the drivers are not
Second, I did not mean watching through webcam like those "digital
wireless nannies" (devices - first with a webcam and motion detector,
second with display) for watching small babies. I mean using standard
webcam with some easy to build stand or other home-made modification
and use it as a digital magnifier for reading small letters on
newspaper or on those small labels on bottles, food packages and
medicines. This could be useful not only for visually impaired, but
also maybe for old people (but for those, special devices like Vision
Booster Magnifier for TV, which can be bought on Ebay or Amazon for
relative small price). The hardware is not problem, common webcams do
not need additional lens for this use and are able to focus on the
text. Some of them also have LED light. But the software is problem.



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