Re: GNOME Launches Campaign for Accessibility

Hey Bill.

On 12/16/2011 09:56 PM, Bill Cox wrote:
I'd feel a lot better pushing gnome accessibility if GTK+ wasn't such
a complete lost cause in terms of accessibility improvement.

I don't think this is a fair assessment. There has been a lot of investment in improving Gtk+ Accessibility, including the recent merging of Gail into Gtk+, and the subsequent work being done to find and eliminate any remaining regressions. Benjamin Otte has also been working hard in recent days to make GtkTreeViews much more performant.

 Pixmaps should have accessible descriptions.  The calendar should talk.

Bugs should be filed. Developers should be pinged.

Someone somewhere in GTK+ land should care, and I just don't see it.

I recommend channeling the few dollars we can influence towards
projects that have actually made a big difference in the last two
years: Orca, NVDA, emacspeak, speakup, Ubuntu, Vinux, Debian, and many
others.  I am listening to this e-mail with NVDA, though if I happened
to be in Linux, I'd be Orca.  People like Joan Marie and James Teh
make this possible, at great personal sacrifice.  Other than the
complete lack of cooperation from the GTK+ team over the last two
years, what should I be feeling about Gnome that would make me want to
organize contributors to support Gnome accessibility?  Where are the
contributors like Joan Marie or Luke?

* I'm still here in GNOME.
* Luke is still active both upstream and downstream.
* Mike Gorse is still working on AT-SPI2.
* Alejandro Piñeiro is still working on ATK (and working on improving
  the Collection interface, and working on GNOME Shell Accessibility).
* Mario Sanchez Prada is still working on WebKitGtk Accessibility.
* Joseph Scheuhammer is still working on gnome-shell magnification.
* Benjamin Otte is still working on Gtk+ Accessibility.

And I fear I am forgetting others who are working hard each and every day on their contributions which support GNOME accessibility.

I believe they are there,

Phew! :)

the Gnome organization keeps them from making any positive difference.

That strikes me as a bit harsh. But I think we can agree that systems change at a number of different levels is called for. This FoG campaign was started in that very spirit and has been spearheaded by the new Executive Director of GNOME (Karen Sandler) and the new GNOME Accessibility Marketing Lead (Juanjo Marín).

 Let's put our dollars elsewhere.

Let's try to improve the current situation so that we have an awesomely accessible free desktop.

Take care.

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