Re: GNOME Launches Campaign for Accessibility

I'd feel a lot better pushing gnome accessibility if GTK+ wasn't such
a complete lost cause in terms of accessibility improvement.  Pixmaps
should have accessible descriptions.  The calendar should talk.
Someone somewhere in GTK+ land should care, and I just don't see it.
I recommend channeling the few dollars we can influence towards
projects that have actually made a big difference in the last two
years: Orca, NVDA, emacspeak, speakup, Ubuntu, Vinux, Debian, and many
others.  I am listening to this e-mail with NVDA, though if I happened
to be in Linux, I'd be Orca.  People like Joan Marie and James Teh
make this possible, at great personal sacrifice.  Other than the
complete lack of cooperation from the GTK+ team over the last two
years, what should I be feeling about Gnome that would make me want to
organize contributors to support Gnome accessibility?  Where are the
contributors like Joan Marie or Luke?  I believe they are there, but
the Gnome organization keeps them from making any positive difference.
 The Gnome organization is built to give individuals complete power
over their tiny domains of source code, making it impossible for broad
goals like accessibility to move forward.  It's like trying to have
free trade in a country where every land owner can tax anyone passing
through their property.  Let's put our dollars elsewhere.


On 12/16/11, Juanjo Marín <juanjomarin96 yahoo es> wrote:
> Friday 16th dec, the GNOME Foundation announces a fundraising campaign [1]
> to kick off 2012 as the Year of Accessibility for GNOME.
> GNOME has held accessibility amongst its core values from the project’s
> inception. Because of this commitment, along with the efforts of many
> dedicated developers, GNOME 2 became an award winning accessible free
> desktop environment.
> “For me, GNU/Linux and GNOME equal freedom, and without all of the hard work
> which has been put into all of this wonderful software, I would truly be at
> a loss. This is why further development and maintenance of accessible
> software is so important to me.” –Read the rest of Robert Cole’s story here
> [2]
> With the advent of GNOME 3, GNOME has started down an exciting new path in
> terms of usability, which will include users of all ages and abilities. This
> drive is not only necessary for those with disabilities but is also
> increasingly needed for our devices work for any user. The GNOME
> accessibility team is working hard, but its resources are more limited than
> in the past.
> With your help we can tackle the accessibility team’s many goals [3], making
> GNOME the best and most accessible desktop available today. Please help us
> make 2012 the Year of Accessibility at GNOME! Donate $25 or more today [1]
> and ask your friends to donate too.
> Contribute and spread the word !
> Links:
>    [1]
>    [2]
>    [3]
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