Re: possible accessibility track at FOSDEM

From: "Bryen M. Yunashko" <suserocks bryen com>

> Good catch.  :-)   Yaloki and I have been discussing this subject for
> about a week now as I'm pushing for this and planned to bring it up at
> the hackfest which is now just around the corner.
> So now that the cat's outta the bag  ....  Yes, in a nutshell, CFP for
> FOSDEM is open, a formal track for a11y doesn't exist but yaloki and I
> believe one *should* exist.   But the caveat here is that this is an
> extremely technical-oriented conference.  It is not designed for
> marketing.  Therefore, folks like m ain't gonna give the talk.  But
> those of you with intrinsic knowledge of all the underlying
> inner-workings of a11y... you're ideal for this.

I have been already on FOSDEM, and it was a good experience.

> And you'll get free travel/4-star hotel in Brussels as the bonus.  

Can you elaborate this? The organization sponsors the hotel to the speakers?

> I would highly encourage you all to consider submitting a talk because
> this is an excellent opportunity to raise the conscious of a11y out
> there amongst devs and further promote the "a11y should be baked in, not
> bolted on" as Willie Walker always said.

I guess that I can propose a talk, and try to go there if it is

Thanks you all (Penelope and you) for this extra information


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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