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I think this may be inoteworthy for this list as well :-)


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Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 6:42 PM
Subject: possible accessibility track at FOSDEM
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I just had the following short conversation in #fosdem on Freenode:

       <yaloki> sejo: how about an accessibility track ?
       <yaloki> sejo: I could find speakers on the topic
       <JanC> I might be able to find some speakers on that too
       <yaloki> JanC: someone who's with me on the opensuse board is
       deeply involved in those projects and goes to an a11y summit in
       madrid next week, he'll poke some speakers
       <JanC> yaloki: nice, I'll make sure the ubuntu-accessibility
       people know about a possible accessibility track too

I think some people on this list might be interested in this.

Note that FOSDEM is a developer conference, so the target audience for
talks is developers, and the topics are supposed to be mainly technical
(although a talk about implementing accessibility awareness for
developers & UI designers inside a project might apply too, I suppose).

More info about the conference and contact info about where to send
applications can be found at: http://fosdem.org/2011/ and more
specifically http://fosdem.org/2011/call_for_mainspeakers_devrooms

FOSDEM is taking place in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6
February 2011.

BTW: an "accessibility track" means that those talks would be part of
the main tracks, but of course an "accessibility devroom" could be an
alternative or addition, so maybe talk about this to accessibility
people in other projects too.

I hope I will see some of you at next year's FOSDEM !

Jan Claeys (Ubuntu-be LoCo Contact & Ubuntu booth organizer at FOSDEM)

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