RE: Information on Caribou

>> I was not able to find any documents on the requirements and/or the 
>> design of Caribou. Do these exist and if so, could someone please 
>> direct me? 
>I'm not sure it this is what you are looking for, but here is GNOME's 
>wiki page on Caribou:
>It mentions that bugzilla is tracking bugs and feature requests (=

I am looking for more detail and something that actually resembles a
requirements documentation. I don't really expect to find one, but I wanted
to make sure. The students and I have lots of questions about what Caribou
users need. For instance, a student asked today whether it would be helpful
to have the number pad appear (9X9) appear to the left of the keyboard when
Caribou loads. Another question was that we cannot determine how to end
Caribou when started from the menu. Is this a deliberate decision or is this
a bug? One student installed Caribou and the keyboard was entirely black. We
are assuming that this is a bug, but is there a rule somewhere that
indicates what the default colors for the keyboard should be, relative to
the desktop colors?

One thing I'd like to do is to really "kick the tires" so to speak on
Caribou. To have students find all the rough edges and report bugs. And then
fix some of them of course! :-) So I'm looking for direction as to how to
determine what the exact appearance and behavior of Caribou should be.

Thank you!

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