Re: Accessibility devroom FOSDEM 2011

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 20:34 +0100, Piñeiro wrote:
> [...]
> It would be also good to know what happened with the people that
> already proposed a talk, before this devroom creation. If we need to
> submit again the talk or whatever.
> Let's wait for Mario and Bryen discoveries.

So it looks the main track is not rejected, it's just they don't have a
decision on it yet :-). Anyway, now I think of it, perhaps a devroom
makes more sense than a main track after all (more diversity, as
devrooms usually have more talks than main tracks), so I'm not unhappy
with these news either even in the case at the end only a devroom is set
up (as long as some GNOME-related talk gets accepted of course!) :-)

Let's wait for the final decision then.


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Hello Mario,

The accessibility track is not rejected! Main track talk decisions are
still under discussion (as far as I know)

The accessibility devroom was request by Louis Suarez-Potts. We decided
to accept it regardless of the decision that will be made on the main
track proposals, as there seems to be more than enough interest on the

A few hours ago Louis also mailed to ask about the accepted devroom and
if there were other interested parties that contacted us. We have given
him your email address so he'll probably contact you soon.

Kind regards,

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