gnome-mag for 2.32


The currently plan to magnification for GNOME 2.32 (3.0) is to keep
gnome-mag and GS-mag functionality in sync. This include some changes
in the currently D-BUS interface and support to save and restore the
magnifier state from GConf.

Other goal was to remove libbonobo dependence from gnome-mag.

These modifications are planned to be done by me and although they
aren't complex I don't have the time to do they.

This scenario take us to a problem, since the idea was to have two
magnifiers with the same functionality, this would permit Orca
interact with both without having to deal with specific details of
each one.

So I would like to know if someone want to assume the responsibility
to keep gnome-mag in sync with GS-mag? I can still do some guidance
related to code.

I also would like to expose the problem, maybe this can give some time
to take some providence and make magnifier regressions less severe for

Best regards,

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