Re: GUADEC Documentation Workshop

From: Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>

> I'll be running an all-day documentation workshop during the GUADEC
> pre-conference on July 27th. Would any accessibility people be able
> to help with the accessibility user documentation?
> I need to put together a very large list of bite-sized topics that
> I can assign to people at the workshop. And I need to understand
> these topics well enough to advise people on them.
> If we have accessibility topics on the agenda, I'd also appreciate
> it if the workshop could be advertised in places where people who
> are interested in accessibility frequent.

During the pre-conference, it is also plannified a GNOME Accessibility
meeting, as a way to showcase the a11y project, and talk about the
recent projects funded by the local goverment at Andalucia (Spain). [1]

Right now it seems that the planified day is on monday the 26th, 13:00
- 18:00 [2].

One option would talk about Documentation as well here, not sure how
much time will be consumed there. But the fact is during this moment
several a11y developers (I hope) will be present there.

Or you are thinking in something more ad-hoc for the Documentation



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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