RE: Vinux to be used as Ubuntu Accessibility testing platform.

Hi Luke,

I would just like to thank Luke, the Vinux development team and everyone else (Orca, Gnome, Speakup, Speech-Dispatcher and Compiz etc) whose contributions have made it possible for this to happen. We all hope that this relationship will enable Linux accessibility to improve at a faster rate and in the meantime provide a very beginner friendly introduction to Linux for VI users, as well as a cutting edge distro which can be used to test the latest accessibility packages and fix bugs. The ultimate aim is of course to make Ubuntu and all  Linux distributions as accessible as possible as well as matching or exceeding the quality of accessibility packages currently available on Windows and Mac etc. (Thus making Vinux unnecessary - yes we are the first distro whose main aim is to disappear in a puff of orange smoke!) It is only by combining our efforts, rather than pulling in different directions that we can do this, and we would encourage people who would like to get involved in the development of Vinux and related technologies to get in touch. There are many different ways to help apart from the obvious programming and bug squashing roles e.g. testing, documentation, user support etc.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Tony Sales (aka drbongo)

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