Re: Finding GNOME a11y tasks for Project:Possibility students to work on

2010/1/7 Steve Lee <steve fullmeasure co uk>:
> We'd like to find a number of GNOME a11y tasks that are suitable for
> students to pick from a pool of suggested SS12 activities and get
> excited about working on.
> So I'm wondering if folks on this list can suggest ways to develop
> ideas and assist in compiling a list? In general SS12 projects have
> been development tasks like 'create an On Screen Keyboard' but as
> Yippi pointed out they do not have to be pure coding and could even be
> something like 'Fix a bug and see how many more you can find in GNOME
> apps'. The tasks are judged and winners selected, so that needs to be
> kept in mind.

Having discussed this with Willie I have created a new page to capture
suitable small tasks. These will also be useful for the hackfest and
other events.

Please do take a look and add any ideas you have. I've seeded it with
some possibilities.

Steve Lee

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